The Golden Glitch is a design network created with the purpose of creating a new definition for contemporary Mediterranean design and making through digital innovation.

Intended as both a meeting place as well as a critical collection of curated works, The Golden Glitch is set to bind a network of designers, makers and aesthetes into a collective search for digital innovation in their design and making, to cultivate a contemporary design identity for the Mediterranean. Works from all over the Basin will be curated onto our home platform and social media as a way of mapping a design definition for the region based on the principle of Digital Architectural Making now. Interactive activities will expand on this volume of works through research-based conferences, exclusive roundtables and networking events, where like-minded individuals, studios, artists, students, academics and other industry and aesthetically-driven groups can meet and participate in the community.

The craft of our time is digital.

Let's make.

The diverse design and making identities of the sun-kissed Mediterranean Basin have long inspired the cultures and civilisations around the world. But beyond the idyllic beaches, poetic sunsets and nostalgic trades, the true statements of a new beauty, a new golden mean, for every age were always created through that extraordinary moment of creativity, using the craft of the time – or, as we call it, The Golden Glitch.

The Golden Glitch is the brainchild of I+A, a design studio established in Malta in 2018 by a group of artists, architects and technologists. I+A continuously seeks ways and means to evolve the culture of making towards a holistically sustainable approach through digital means, as a true present-day craft. 

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