The Future is Golden

What may seem a mere glitch is truly an opportunity to create. Or rather, to find the golden mean for our golden age.

We’re The Golden Glitch.

Inspired by the Aristotelian concept of the golden mean, we are about the pursuit of the perfect balance through innovation using the craft of today. And there is no more ideal place for it than in the heart of gold: the Mediterranean. 

Throughout the ages, the golden hues of the region have been marvelled upon by poets, writers, artists, travellers and emperors alike. The Sea in the middle of the Earth itself has long been defined by dreams of lovers escaping into the sunset, victories in the centre of the world, the most passionate, traditional craftsmanship…but what of this now? This comfortable nostalgia that we so often slide into, to avoid our overdeveloped, chaotic and divided reality?

The Golden Glitch exists precisely in this disruption. It is through this break that we can unsheath the true contemporary design identity of the Mediterranean. It is a call-to-action, a meeting for like-minded visionaries and makers in the Basin, who, with innovation and design, create and build our world by digital means. 

Through The Golden Glitch, our aim is to forge a commonality between the different design and making identities from around the Mediterranean, and therefore suggest a new definition for Mediterranean design, beyond the typical, cliché image of the ethnic, dolce vita that is so often steeped in the nostalgia of traditional crafts. Doing so, we can talk of real bridges for new commons and imagine a sustainable future for the Basin, where digital makes us more human in the way we are in the world, beyond the very real, physical barriers between people and countries that have been erected in recent times.

You will understand now that The Golden Glitch is no coincidence. Designed as a curated network and publication, it is set to be a translation of the magnitude of a splendid Mediterranean sunset that brought so many people together into a beautiful, digitally-powered future for humanity. This platform will be exploring the multifaceted world of digital making and design across Mediterranean countries, regions, languages and cultures, to begin to journey on. Perhaps, through this disruption, we can begin to understand what we can do within the context of our region, how digital design and making can, and will, provide us with the tools to be self-sufficient and ultimately sustainable on various levels. But, more importantly, we can begin to imagine a multiplicity of identities that are brought together by a sense of belonging to the same Mediterranean community.

The future is indeed golden.

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