Engage with The Golden Glitch.

The Golden Glitch is a platform by, for and about people who love design and making. The invitation is open to all those who are interested to follow and contribute to the network of The Golden Glitch as a collective.

Golden Designers & Makers

The Golden Glitch is Mediterranean designers and makers and their digital design/making work coming together on one platform. If you’re one such artist, we’re looking for you, your work and your story. The Golden Glitch is not simply a network; its existence is based on a multiplicity of identities across the Mediterranean Basin, which designers and makers create through their work. These features will be published on curated platforms and events by The Golden Glitch; and will form part of an overall long-term study and showcase of Mediterranean design identity.

Glitch Seekers

Our platforms are dedicated to making and exposing the Beautifully Made to the world, as what is beauty without an audience? The Golden Glitch offers design lovers a way to follow current design trends and developments, and the culture from which they stem. Design patrons will also have the possibility to discover unique and rare design pieces to invest in. The Golden Glitch invites you to join the growing community.


Facilitators, whether educational, cultural or governmental, are tasked to facilitate the development of design and making. By working in tandem with designers and makers, the artistic offering will further develop into ever-higher quality, forging the golden identity that Mediterranean design deserves.


Cultural identities are born out of the stories told and retold through the most wonderful narrators. We are looking for writers, photographers, videographers, across media, countries and languages in the Mediterranean: all those who can narrate with a passion equal to the one we infused into The Golden Glitch, those who can embolden Mediterranean design and making identity with us.  Drop us a line with your portfolio through the form below.