Sculpt in plastic, it’s fantastic

Mediterranea [Medaarch Design]
Mediterranea [Medaarch Design]
Our theory is that the Mediterranean is not just a region, but a series of moods each inspired by the distinct landscapes and cities that, in their unique characteristics, all carry a shared identity.
Medaarch, based in Italy in Cava de’ Tirreni (Salerno) since 2007, brings this theory to life in its practices, by gluing these ubiquitously Mediterranean elements with a new meaning to names like Stromboli, Ischia and Pantelleria.
Plastic often gets a bad rep, but in a world where ateliers and studios being forced to contend with the environmental crises of this age just as much as the next maker or producer, we have a collective responsibility to redesign its ultimate purpose. And, in this case, if it is to redefine sculpting for the Mediterranean, we’re all for it – not just in terms of design, but also art. In doing so, Medaarch move away our typical sculpting references to open up to a more contemporary definition.
By using 3D printing to mould eco-sustainable plastics, Medaarch designs outdoor and indoor furniture and decor with its collection in a sustainable and effective way, reducing the production chain significantly. For Mediterranea, two main plastics are used; PLA, a bioplastic deriving from corn, making it biodegradable and compostable, and PETG, safe, non-toxic, durable and completely recyclable. Within this collection, there’s another series of 3D-printed ceramic objects, which were born each as a sibling to the other: heavier in computation, this family of vases gives an aesthetical complexity that complements the simplicity of the furniture. The final touch is in the natural dye, that gives the hues that we see in the Mediterranean sun and sea, the warmth of terracotta, the brilliant blues and the tranquil greens…

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