The DAMn Principle

Our design principles are shaped by our vision of the world for the future. We imagine our world through digital and making; conceiving architecture as beyond a mere building, but rather architecture in the forms, objects, spaces and structures which make up our physical environment, how we humans interact with it and, in turn, how it interacts with us in the here and now.

Enter, DAMn: DigitalArchitecturalMakingnow.

Through these principles, we use today’s tools, create disruptions in thought and dream of a future worth living for. We have pride in what humanity has collectively achieved through past generations as a race, their crafts, their skills, their innate sense of being in the natural world, and we work to integrate that into the current and upcoming technologies.

DAMn exists in the disruption. Using this principles, we want to overcome the lull, and use the disruption that has consumed the design market, and by default, the design identity of the Mediterranean region to redefine and perhaps rediscover a new meaning for design in this age, in this region, with the people living in the now, using the tools of today. Manual has taken on a new definition through the advent of digital, and the decentralisation of manufacturing, and therefore making, is fast becoming the obvious way forward, particularly in the wake of a pandemic and now with a raging war. From a practical point of view, DAMn will be our guiding principle to understand what we can do within the context of our region, all the ways we can be self-sufficient and ultimately sustainable on various levels through design and making. But, more importantly, from an aesthetic perspective, this disruption can create a multiplicity of identities that are brought together by a sense of belonging to the same Mediterranean community.

We are committed to a holistically sustainable approach for where we belong and the people in it, and we activate it through the culture of digital making. Our responsibility both as designers and makers revolves around this: I+A creates innovative practices and intuitive environments that enhance our way of life and harness our human nature.

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